Live Long And Poodle

Leonard Nimoy, the actor known for urging us to “Live long and prosper” as Mr. Spock on Star Trek, has donated his voiceover talents to a series of pro bono radio spots for the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
Produced by Ingalls Advertising and Soundtrack, both in Boston, the ads equate the mistreatment of animals with the abuse of children and the elderly. In the executions, voices young and old tell heart-wrenching tales of physical and emotional cruelty.
At the end of each commercial, Nimoy, a Boston native and vocal animal-rights advocate, informs us that we have not been listening to humans, but to the “thoughts” of abused dogs and cats. “Don’t be cruel. Be kind,” Nimoy says in the ads.
The spots urge people to call the MSPCA’s toll-free phone number to report animal abuse.
Ingalls copywriter Eivind Ueland, an animal lover and Star Trek afficionado, came up with the concept and approached Nimoy about voicing the spots, now airing on nearly a dozen FM and AM stations in the Boston market.
–David Gianatasio