A Little Night Music

The jingle that Andy Fruitt of Boston-based Omega Advertising helped create for Dial-a-Mattress may be doing its job a little too well.
Indeed, Baltimore teacher Kay Sokoloff won’t forget the melody anytime soon. A few months back, she voted against admitting one of her students, Franklin Pierce Wright III, to the National Honor Society. The young man exacted his revenge by barking at Sokoloff in school hallways and hurling eggs at her house.
Sokoloff finally called police after Wright left a “menacing message” on her answering machine and sang the Dial-a-Mattress song, according to a story in the Baltimore Sun.
Fruitt’s reaction?
“It’s doing what it’s supposed to do,” he said. “It’s making the phones ring! As for some deranged, disgruntled, National Honor Society wanna-be using this to settle a score, well, all we have to do is laugh.”
–Sarah Jones