Little Debbie Takes Chocolate Cupcakes on Tour

Little Debbie, the nation’s top-selling snack cake, has sent its marketing team to the streets in the latest campaign for new Chocolate Cupcakes.

McKee Foods, which owns Little Debbie, is pitching the Chocolate Cupcakes as “moist…filled with crème and topped with rich, chocolate icing and a white squiggle.” The products hit stores earlier this month, and an eight-pack sells for about $3.09.

Television spots launched this week, promoting the brand’s “Share-A-Thon Tour,” taking place in 21 cities Oct. 11 through Dec. 12. The ads depict consumers in different settings getting mad at each other (like a police officer and a driver who just got a parking ticket). In each scenario, a cupcake-laden Little Debbie mobile tour car comes to the rescue, and the situation is resolved when both parties have a cupcake. The spots advertise Little Debbie’s one million cupcake giveaway, which runs now through Oct. 17. Winners will be notified on Oct. 18, National Cupcake Day.

Little Debbie is also holding weekly drawings for prizes such as GPS devices, a year’s worth of free cupcakes, MP3 adapters and a Smart cupcake car. The brand is also leveraging social and digital media in its effort, including a product sampling with mommy bloggers, who will then get to test drive a Smart car.

Additionally, Little Debbie has created a Facebook fan page, which currently has 4,464 fans. And it’s getting the word out via Twitter, @LittleDebbie.

“Our goal was to create a bigger-than-life campaign that could be leveraged across every medium imaginable,” said Luckie & Co. evp and creative director Brad White in a statement. “Who could resist a smart car wrapped like a Little Debbie cupcake?” Luckie & Co. is the agency behind the campaign.