Liquid Death Did a Blind Taste-Test and People Puked

The stunt, captured in a 2-minute video, features spit takes and fighting words

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Leave it to Liquid Death to come up with a blind taste test that’s more reminiscent of a slumber party prank than a classic Coke versus Pepsi contest.

The canned water brand—a renegade marketer that makes full-length horror flicks, draws blood from Tony Hawk and hires famous porn stars for its campaigns—has put a gross-out twist on an old-school commercial stunt, turning a few stomachs in the process.

The goal was to hype its new flavored sparkling water by having blindfolded consumers taste it side by side with “the most expensive beverages on earth.”

“We simply took a marketing trope done a million times that no longer impresses people and imagined how Liquid Death would make fun of it,” Andy Pearson, vice president of creative, told Adweek.




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