Lipton Brisk Puppets Strike Back on Web

NEW YORK — After Lipton Brisk gave its spokespuppets the boot during the Super Bowl, the claymation characters are using the Web to gain grassroots support for their reinstatement.

In a continuation of the TV effort, a three-part, Web-only documentary “captures the angry puppets as they organize their protest and struggle to re-establish their spokesperson status.” The story unfolds at , developed by New York-based digital@jwt.

In episode one of “Puppets Strike Back,” documentary filmmaker D.A. Richards talks to psychologists, fans and the general public to get their reaction on Lipton Brisk firing the puppets. Episodes two and three are still in production.

The Lipton Brisk Super Bowl spot, from J. Walter Thompson in New York, showed the company canning their puppet endorsers, including a Danny Devito claymation character, because the “product is so good, it sells itself.”

The Web site also includes a viral element that encourages supporters to “Tell a Friend About Our Cause,” by signing them up to receive e-mail from the puppets. People can also download “Puppets Against Brisk” propaganda, such as desktop wallpaper, printable posters and flyers.

On Lipton Brisk’s regular site — — the iced-tea brand explains why the puppets are no longer needed. Visitors are then redirected to the puppet-controlled site by a disgruntled claymation character who defaces the corporate site and urges surfers to not to “believe their lies.”