In Which We Delve Into The Dirty Minds of Men

In the enlightened age we’re privileged to inhabit, advertisers are more circumspect than they used to be about using sexual imagery. Thus have bikini-clad ingenues been purged from the ads for sensitive categories like beer. But sexual fantasies don’t always travel along such obvious paths, and a survey of men conducted by Cosmopolitan points to a new sexual icon for the ’90s: the nurse. Asked to identify their ‘favorite form of sexual role play’ with the women in their lives, 36 percent opted for ‘She’s the nurse’–putting that fantasy well ahead of ‘She’s the hooker’ (12 percent), ‘You’re the cop’ (12 percent), ‘She’s the lion tamer’ (10 percent) and ‘You’re the baby’ (5 percent). Simply transpose those beer ads from the beach to the recovery room and they can be as alluring as ever. But it probably wouldn’t work for tobacco advertisers: 71 percent of the men cited cigarette and cigar smoking among ‘major male turnoffs’ when a woman does it in their presence.

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