Overall Billings Growth: Up 1.6% to $384 million: (grade C)
Clients Lost: None: (grade A+)
New Clients: $40 million including Hughes Direct: (grade B)
Growth From Current Clients: Up 1.6% or $6 million: (grade C+)
Creativity: Chevy brand work is improved, and is putting a good face on some very old products. New Geo work a little static: (grade B+)
Management Savvy: Lintas has done well in keeping its eye on the ball. Does well in courting Chevy senior staff and dealers alike. Successful in expanding brand in Calif: (grade B+)
Teacher’s Comments: Lintas and Chevrolet are making the best of a bad situation. GM has robbed the division of new products in favor of Saturn. The two are doing well to keep the rust off.
Overall Grade: B
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