Lintas:Campbell-Ewald Takes Camaro to the Movies

LOS ANGELES – Hoping to play its new Camaro-driven image to the max, Lintas: Campbell-Ewald is sending its latest L.A.-created ads to the movies.
In a 60-second spot that breaks in theaters nationwide at the end of this month, Lintas creatives used shiny steel long shots and close-ups of an assembly line to help illustrate the space age technology that goes into the Camaro’s manufacture. As someone who appears to be an inspector moves through the assembly, a super asks, ‘What are we building? A cruise missile?’ Another super that appears with the fully assembled car provides the answer, ‘You might say that.’
‘People out here are buying imports where, if not actual quality, the perceived quality is higher,’ said Bob Ancone, senior vp at Lintas, which created the spot here especially for the California market before it was tapped for Screen-vision. ‘We wanted people to see Camaro has their act together.’
The Camaro launch is expected to set an overall tone and image for Chevy as it prepares to introduce a string of new models. ‘It’s what is being heralded as the new face of Chevrolet,’ said Mark Bellissimo, vp/account supervisor at Lintas. ‘We thought the excitement of the car warranted something beyond just traditional media.’
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