linking them up

Comparing a bikini wax to a colonoscopy might seem like a stretch. But in a new PSA for the National Colorectal Cancer Research Alliance, both procedures are highlighted in an effort to persuade women to get tested for colon cancer—a process that can lead to an early detection and cure of the deadly disease.

The 30-second spot, by Arnold, shows women enduring bikini waxes, receiving Botox injections and squeezing into girdles, all to the song “Keep Young and Beautiful.” The voiceover says, “If women can do all this just to look young, then we can do what it takes to make sure we grow old. Get checked for colon cancer, and don’t worry about the exam. You can handle it.”

“Through research, [we found out] that a lot of women were grossed out by the test,” said Jay Williams, managing partner, group creative director at the Boston agency. “[Yet] there are women who go through torture to look five years younger—we wanted to dramatize how silly that seems.”

The spot broke last week during NBC News’ Today. Katie Couric, a co-host of the show, is also a co-founder of the NCCRA, along with cancer activist Lilly Tartikoff. Couric’s husband died of colon cancer in 1998.

The spot, which was produced on a pro bono basis, targets women ages 40 and up.