Lincoln-Mercury Plans Short, Heavy Advertising Barrage

DETROIT – When it comes to advertising its new models, Lincoln-Mercury is thinking short and heavy. National ad manager Gerard Donnelly said last week that second quarter spending would be up 15% from last year, with that spending concentrated in the last two weeks of May, and the first week of June.
Although he wouldn’t release spending figures, Donnelley said 245 TV spots are slated for April, May and June, with a majority of them scheduled for network sweeps week beginning May 17, and three golf showcases in May and June. In addition, the three month period includes 148 appearances in ‘high-profile’ magazines, including Newsweek, Esquire, Sports Illustrated and Harpers Bazaar.
The Ford Motor Co. division is just coming off being the exclusive sponsor of the April Life, themed ‘The Wild West,’ as well as being the sole auto sponsor of a Time-Warner TV miniseries of the same title.
‘This heavy flight is in keeping with a strategy we began earlier this year with Young & Rubicam when we launched the Lincoln Mark VIII . . . where we blanket media for short bursts, rather than trying to keep up a steady flow all year,’ said Donnelley.
L-M also is a major sponsor of the final episode of ‘Cheers,’ having bought several blocks in the half-hour highlight show, as well as the 90-minute finale. During sweeps, the division will be on top-rated shows like ‘Murphy Brown,’ ‘Home Improvement,’ and ‘The Simpsons.’
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