Lincoln Financial: Future Imperfect

NEW YORK A new campaign from Lincoln Financial by 22squared asks viewers to get to know their future selves—today. One spot presents a woman anxiously waiting outside a hospital ER to hear news about her husband’s condition. She comes face-to-face with an older version of herself. “At least you are prepared,” the older woman tells her. “Are you me?” the woman asks, peering into the visitor’s eyes. “Have fun in Italy,” the older woman says, informing her younger self that she will go traveling with her husband next year. The doctor then reports that the husband will recover. The woman’s future self has vanished. Confronting an older, wiser “you” is a solid idea that has been tried before by many advertisers. But this spot is less than convincing. It simply tries too hard. The quiet worry as the camera lingers on the woman’s perplexed expression—the entire hospital scenario, for that matter—feels forced and overwrought. It’s during tough times that you appreciate smart financial planning, but that internal conversation most likely won’t take place until the shock of the ER wears off.