LIGHTWEIGHTS? — Eating, But Not Hitting, Above the Mendoza Line

While the heavy hitters of the American and National Leagues were slugging it out for the championship pennant, New Balance Athletic Shoes was composing a roster of players who didn’t hit their weight during the ’93 season. The Allston, Mass.-based company named Darryl Strawberry as captain of its Lightweight Line-up after the 215-pound Straw Man hit .140. Anchoring the infield is lB Glenn Davis (212 pounds), who hit .177, while Tony Pena (185 pounds, .181 average) is the catcher. Also on the roster: Keith Miller, Bill Ripken, Leo Gomez, Tom Brunansky, Candy Maldonado and Turner Ward. One cheap shot: New Balance included a pitcher, Sid Fernandez, although nobody expects those guys to hit their weight– and Sid’s not a bad hitting pitcher.
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