lights, camera . . .

In the early ’90s, Becky Veduccio was one of a trio of assistants to Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos chairman Jack Connors. This fall, she’ll appear on the silver screen in the Harrison Ford film Random Hearts.
The 29-year-old daughter of Russ Veduccio, founder of Boston shop Veduccio & Partners, pursued her dream of becoming a comedic actress seven years ago when she “moved to Los Angeles with $800 and no car.” In between movie and stand-up comedy gigs, she has helped out at her father’s agency.
“I pay her very little or nothing,” joked father Russ, but then added, “She’s great. She does a lot for us.”
In L.A., Becky worked at the Creative Artists Agency and then spent four years traveling around the world as an assistant to actor Ralph Fiennes. She recently filmed a scene in the David Duchovny/Minnie Driver flick Return to Me. “I play a nightmare date, which I was somehow really good at,” she said.
Now, Becky is headed to London, where she will join her new husband, British actor and musician James Langton, and try to break into the comedy circuit. –Lauren Wiley