Light my fire

When creating an international spot for an iconic brand, it’s important to make the message simple. Egan/St. James Advertising in Pittsburgh does exactly that with a new spot for Zippo Manufacturing Inc., makers of the famous lighter, that is targeted for use outside of the U.S.
The spot links two American icons: Zippo and the Statue of Liberty. In the commercial a gust of wind blows out Miss Liberty’s torch, forcing a security guard to clamber to the monument’s crown and relight the beacon with his Zippo.
Creative director Lee St. James said the ad “was done with an international eye in mind,” which is why the spot is wordless, and the actor’s face is never seen. “It’s a way to support the American icon status of the brand.”
The dealer spot breaks in April in Estonia. No U.S. dealer has picked it up yet, St. James said.
–Aaron Baar