A Lifetime of Super Bowls?

It’s no surprise that the Super Bowl is a big deal for many Americans.

But a survey commissioned by Visa gives a more detailed idea of just how big a deal it is for some. One question in the poll (fielded in September) asked whether respondents would “miss or be willing to postpone” a number of things in order to attend the Super Bowl.

Forty-one percent put “work or class” in that category. “Your own birthday party” was cited by 39 percent and “a vacation” by 25 percent.

Then there were the 9 percent who consigned “the date of your wedding” to that status — a cut above the 5 percent who said the same about “the birth of your child.” (Do you think the kid would grow up to be a football fan?)

The chart shows the Super Bowl atop the roster of sporting events people might choose to attend every year.