Lifetime Goes to the Movies With Outback

Lifetime has developed its first integrated sponsorship in support of its Wednesday night movie showcase, creating a series of narrative interstitials for casual dining chain Outback Steakhouse.
The “Love Adventurous, Live Adventurous” initiative puts Outback at the center of four co-branded segments, which will run in select ad breaks throughout Lifetime’s Feb. 2 movie, Footloose. Tailor-made by the network’s Los Angeles-based marketing team, the interstitials serve as a means to keep viewers tuned in during the commercial pods.
The first execution introduces a thirty-something couple looking to add a little spice to their marriage. In an arc spanning three 30-second bits, DietTribe host Jessie Pavelka surprises the couple by offering them an opportunity to try out a circus trapeze. The final spot (a :60) opens with an establishing shot of an Outback restaurant, where the two enjoy a meal off the “15 Meals for Under $15” menu.
A second series of interstitials will run on March 3 during Lifetime’s screening of the 2008 Jennifer Aniston comedy, Management.
“The Adventurous effort is a showcase that goes beyond mere spots and dots,” said Karen Soots, director, media services, Outback. “It’s a much more relevant and contextual approach, and the way the stories unfold really helps our brand stand out.”
The buy includes a run of traditional 15- and 30-second spots as well, Soots said.
After the Outback run, Lifetime will unveil other movie-night integrations, said Debbie Richman, executive vp, ad sales. “We’re already in the process of shooting another one for another client,” Richman said. “We’re very excited to offer this unique opportunity to our sponsors.”

A digital extension on includes an interactive game that highlights the 15 Under $15 menu. Prizes include $2,000 in cash and a $250 Outback gift card.

Per Nielsen data, Outback spent $73 million on measured media between January and November of last year. In 2008, the chain invested $81 million in media.