LifeStyles Ads a Tad Too Cheeky

NEW YORK A colleague called this new LifeStyles condoms campaign “naughty.” Obviously. But with the right side of this young woman’s butt hangin’ out there for all the world to see (the model rolls like Britney and all those other tabloid desperados), it’s also too, too cheeky. The bottom of the butt cheek does catch the eye, however, and seems to be the new sex orb of the moment in a really glutted field. Given our culture’s extreme hypocrisy about sex, condom ads usually dwell in some bad pun netherworld, both in words and visuals. So I guess you have to give the work by AMP Agency credit for coming up with an eye-catching new camera angle: right up into her um, woman parts, especially with the straps of her handbag forming a helpful arrow up the thigh, in case you were lost. One of three new print executions for Lifestyle with the headline, “What’s yours?” the ads seek to attract younger customers, as the brand, according to the company, was “generally thought of as a “public sector” condom, made for an older demographic. Who knew? So the point here is to identify with younger consumers “across their distinctive backgrounds, styles and interests.” That’s great, but the way it gets communicated here is by having two ads showing a woman’s unclothed rear (the second also shows a tiny bit of a surfboard, and the answer to “What’s your LifeStyle?” is “WET”). A third, featuring a model wearing a cowboy hat and braids, says that her lifestyle is “Buck Wild.” That’s the name Flavor Flav actually gave to one of his bachelorettes on his dating show. So exactly how is this appealing to a range of preferences and needs? You can’t blame a company for wanting to get attention in the VH1 reality sex show way, but the idea of catering to diverse needs is about as true here as the model’s hair extensions.