Life’S A Zoo

Creative staffers at RDW Group had a hard time filming their first commercials for the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, R.I.
Turns out the local talent in rural Livingston, Mont.-where a pair of 30-second spots were shot-threw a hissy fit worthy of a pampered Hollywood diva.
To underscore the tagline, “You can learn a lot from an animal,” Providence-based RDW cast a burly logger as a bearish mountain man for an ad (shown here) that required him to use his teeth to pluck a fish from a stream.
No problem … until director James Holt mentioned a deadly bacteria that thrives on the scales of some fish.
A man of many talents, the logger apparently used the Internet to search out some medical information, then returned to the set and refused to do the scene.
The agency’s account team was forced to rent some fake silicon fish. One of the replicas fell apart in the logger’s mouth-bumping up the production budget $900 per gill. A stand-in fish was used to complete the spot.
-David Gianatasio