Life In The Fast Lane

When he is not writing ads, Los Angeles creative director John Stein collects and rides motorcycles.
Now Stein, who runs creative boutique Band of Gypsies, has found a way to marry his full- and part-time passions.
Stein is writing and co-directing a documentary about a man who has devoted his life to recapturing the land speed record for motorcycles. The documentary, The Need for Speed, tracks the efforts of 49-year-old speed fanatic Denis Manning, who must travel at least 326 mph to reset the record that he first achieved in the 1970s. The BBC has expressed interest in buying a portion of the documentary, Stein said.
Stein, who also appears in the film, became so involved in Manning’s effort that he’s even doing a little advertising on the side of Manning’s “machine,” also known as the Streamliner (shown here). If you look closely at the tail of the motorcycle, you will see the logo of Band of Gypsies.
“Winning Clios and Beldings and One Shows is nice,” said Stein, “but come on, is having your name on the side of a 300 mph motorcycle exciting or what?” -Kathy Tyrer