LG “Something’s Lurking”

Suspense and drama in a vacuum cleaner commercial is usually limited to micro close-ups of dirt as it is being sucked up by a snazzy new product. Thanks to animation by Psyop and a Jaws/Toy Story-inspired theme by Y&R, this online LG video showcasing the brand’s Kompressor technology is an action-packed adventure that keeps viewers watching, even at its full 60-second length. The dirt and germs lurking in the carpet take on the form of shark fins as they cut through the living room scene and circle kids clutching to each other for safety. The otherwise copy-free ad warns with on-screen type, “Protect your family, from things that are lurking.” The spot is visually compelling, down to the graphic treatment of the type. But after a full minute of watching terrified toys trying to make their escape, the final payoff as we watch the evil destroyed by the LG feels dull by comparison.--Eleftheria Parpis