Levi’s Web Promo Culminates with Super Bowl

Levi’s Jeans last week launched an interactive promotion to mark the launch of its Type 1 jeans that will culminate with a commercial during the second quarter of the Super Bowl.

The 60-second spot will help solve a mystery surrounding the “virtual” hiding place of an $85,000 pair of jeans adorned with gold, diamonds and rubies.

“Stampede,” from Bartle Bogle Hegarty in New York, juxtaposes symbolic ‘Old West’ elements to represent Levi’s 150-year-old heritage with a modern setting to represent the brand’s denim innovation. “It’s a non-time-bound world,” said company representative Amy Gemellaro. “You won’t know what era you’re in.”

Leading up to the game, ads on Alloy.com, MTV.com, ESPN.com and others will encourage Web surfers to visit the Levi’s site (http://www.levi.com/
) to obtain clues about where the jeans are “buried.” The interactive push, billed as a “21st-century gold rush,” was created by London-based i-shop Lateral.

Following the initial airing of the spot, viewers will have two days to enter their guess on the jeans’ location on the site. Correct entries will be submitted to a random drawing, and the grand-prize winner will receive the jewel-laden jeans stuffed with $65,000 in gold and cash.