Levi's Reveals Glimpse of Post-"Belly Button" Ad Campaign

NEW YORK — Levi’s found it wasn’t too difficult to garner attention for its Superlow jeans when it put them on the well-exposed bodies of Jennifer Lopez, Kristen Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker and Destiny’s Child trio, then hit the airwaves in June with its “Belly Button” commercial, which featured computer-generated innies and outies lip-synching as Jamie-Lynn Sigler of “The Soprano’s” sang Diana Ross’ “I’m Coming Out.”

But the question now is, what does the San Francisco-based jeans company do for an encore? Levi’s offered a sneak peek at its next campaign during Monday’s WB/Teen People, “What’s Next” special, when the “Belly Button” ad was retired by the company via a one-time only showing of a reedited version, titled “Bye Bye Belly Button,” with new copy that looked at the next generation of Superlow jeans — Superlow stretch.

Although no specifics were revealed, the new Superlow stretch campaign, to break in the first quarter of 2002, will continue Levi’s “Make Them Your Own” tag umbrella, which debuted in 2000 from TBWA/Chiat/Day, San Francisco, and gave rise to the “Belly Button” spots.