Levi’s Comes Up Short

NEW YORK Now what would the world be like if everyone had magic pants like the ones featured in this new Levi’s ad? Actually, I’m not sure I want to know the answer. The spot for Levi’s 501s takes a fantastical view of the power of pants—but where past reality-suspending scenarios proved potent for the apparel maker, this one’s machinations merely mystify. A man pulls on his new jeans with a floorboard creak, and as he yanks the pants up his legs, the city below him crashes up into his living room, bringing a sexy jeans-clad brunette in a phone booth and the entire street, including taxi cab, into his home. Man and brunette of course smile and walk off hand in hand after he buttons his fly. His entire world has been overturned, literally, but he doesn’t seem to miss his apartment. If only love at first sight was always so forgiving.