Levenson Bolsters Middle

Strengthens Management Lineup With Client Vets
DALLAS-Levenson & Hill here has restructured its middle management group, recruiting three executives from client companies for its newly dedicated disciplines.
Agency chairman Bill Hill said the appointments were made, in part, to gain new perspectives required with last year’s addition of two major clients: Rent A Center of Dallas and The Associates First Capital in Irving, Texas.
“With Rent A Center and The Associates, we needed to build a direct response capability,” said Hill. “We also knew we needed to strengthen the supervisory level in account service, and the way these accounts came in allowed us to fund it.”
Each of the three executives-senior vice presidents Janice Jenkins and Spencer Dworkis and vice president Carol Brown-was previously employed by L&H clients. Jenkins worked at Eastman Kodak unit Qualex; Brown served as a field marketing director for Churchs Chicken; and Dworkis was corporate marketing director at FirstPlus Financial Group.
The transition began after the loss of the Churchs account in early 1998, when L&H was landing business with added database and local marketing requirements. Hill said the shop first contacted Brown to assist on the Papa John’s Pizza franchisees and Furr’s/Bishop’s Cafeterias accounts.
Her point of view led Hill, H&L president Barbara Levenson and executive vice president Robert McEnany to reform senior-level account teams with former client personnel to help the shop, in Hill’s words, serve as an “extension of [clients’] marketing departments, not as an external provider.”
The moves were reflective of the shop’s penchant for self-examination. L&H last week met with a consultant to examine its operations for the second time in five years. “We’re always in the confession booth,” laughed Hill. “In the agency world, the only thing certain beyond the constant search for new business is change.” ƒ