Don’t Blame PR for Frey

The James Frey thing kind of steams me up too, but why throw “public relations” under the bus [“Telling Lies, Selling Evil,” Jan. 30]? “Public relations, which is nothing more than lying and manipulation, if the truth be told…”


I manage corporate communications (aka public relations) for The Martin Agency and have been doing some form of public relations for more than 20 years. But I didn’t get a “lying and manipulation” degree in college. I got a journalism degree.

I’ve worked with a half-dozen of your reporters during the past 12 years, and I think they’d all tell you that I’ve never lied to them once.

Don’t you think that the real story here is that there are good and bad people in every profession and that in James Frey’s case, he was simply a writer who lied and made the news?

I agreed with most of the rest of your article, but your massive generalization about public relations really seemed out of place and unfair.

I’m sure you have the same feeling when people routinely slam “The Media.”

Don’t expect any offers to speak at the national PRSA conference.

Dean Jarrett

svp, marketing communications

The Martin Agency

Richmond, Va.

Lou Rawls’ life was worth celebrating

Thanks so much for “This Bud’s For Lou” [Feb. 6]. I thoroughly appreciated this human story.

It’s wonderful to see the “people” in this business celebrated.

John Melillo

svp, music resources

EMI Music Publishing

New York