Levi’s latest ads are right on target

I’m responding to Danielle Prescott’s letter [“Levi’s latest ads: What were they thinking?” A&C, Dec. 13] criticizing Bartle Bogle Hegarty’s latest Levi’s work. I completely disagree with Ms. Prescott. I recently saw one of the spots in question, where the guy fakes getting back with his girlfriend in order to get back his Levi’s (which are hanging from a tree outside her apartment window). My first thought was, “Wow, what a great commercial. That’s this year’s ‘Wingman.’ ”

OK, maybe they did get the idea from a focus group, as Ms. Prescott asserts. Or maybe not. Regardless, it’s a great insight into a man’s psyche in a situation where it appears the woman has just gone psycho and thrown all his clothes out the window. What was she thinking? She could have hurt somebody walking on the sidewalk below. All he did was get his jeans back while gently getting back at her for doing something juvenile in the first place.

We’ve all probably been in a situation at some point in our lives where we can relate to how both of these characters are feeling. I, being a male in the target audience, can completely relate to the spot. It makes Levi’s look cool in my mind … and that’s the whole point.

Jack McGoldrick
Freelance copywriter
New York

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