What about the nuts and bolts of advertainment?

Reading Eleftheria Parpis’ article about creating branded entertainment through storytelling [“Now Playing,” Special Report, May 17] was both refreshing and frustrating. Refreshing because it’s great to hear that clients and agencies are recognizing the power of stories in their creative work. Frustrating because it didn’t shine any light on how agencies are developing these “advertainments.” Were the clients just taking bold risks with talented creatives? Or have they been thinking about their strategy in new and different ways as well?

Again, I welcome the study and celebration of the creative product. But isn’t it also important to consider best practices in thinking and process? Might your readership be interested in that as well? Just a little bit?

As a former account planner turned brand consultant, I’m especially focused on gathering best practices. And something tells me these terrific campaigns came about through more than the sheer will and talent of a few creatives. So what’s the story? How and where did the creatives you interviewed find their inspiration for the stories? How were they guided to “integrate the product” into the storyline? Did they even bother using a creative brief?

The article certainly inspired out-of-the-box thinking. But it’d be even better if we had a couple tips on how to do it.

Tom Neveril
Storybrand Consulting
Santa Monica, Calif.

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