Remembering Grace’s craft and artistry

While the world of advertising went on today, an artist died.

Roy Grace was a true artist. He knew how to turn selling messages into pieces of memorable, imaginative and intelligent persuasion. He was a craftsman who taught others his craft, at a time when craft and artistry mattered more than it seems to now. For all those who worked with him, laughed with him and witnessed his great talent, he’ll be missed. Now I guess the industry can go back to looking at its stock quotation.

Bob Kuperman
President and CEO
New York

Postaer’s ‘Rules’ were made to be broken

Reading Steffan Postaer’s “The Rules of Presenting” [A+C, Feb. 24] was more like reading an article on how not to present. Not only does he suggest that a pitch can be won by telling the client about your performance anxiety (why should they care?), but also that throwing inexperienced newcomers in front of clients for an “endearing” failure is a sensible thing to do if you are too nervous to do it yourself.

Is he serious? Adweek is read by smart, educated, savvy and experienced advertising pros who have been pitching and clinching multimillion-dollar deals for years. They know that presentation jitters can be overcome with a few simple, learned techniques. They’re also smart and professional enough to take responsibility for their own ideas and pitches. Rule No. 1 of presenting, Mr. Postaer: Know your audience.

Alan Ibbotson
General manager
Perfect Pitch/UKNYconsulting
New York

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