I’m with Arianna: Let’s ditch the SUVs

Responding to Jack Feuer’s beautifully written column about Terrorist Support Vehicles [A&C, Jan. 27]:

Although legislation would perhaps be extreme, less dependence on Middle East oil would be a good thing. The soccer moms would probably enjoy driving a Mini or a Bug, once they realized how much money they can save on gas, how much more courteous and defensive drivers are when they don’t have all that low-mileage weight to throw around. For many reasons that go beyond patriotism, now might be a great time to once again “Think small.”

Miller McMillan
Freelance copywriter
Los Angeles

Sure, radio ads are lousy. They lose it in production

As a former creative at agencies including Crispin & Porter and Lawler Ballard, I agree with Martin Bihl [A&C, Jan. 6] that 90 percent of all radio ads suck. But I disagree with his reason why. We used to work very, very, very hard to do good radio, and the jobs were never farmed out to anybody but the A-teams. I think the problem lies somewhere in the production. All the radio ads I ever worked on started out with a great script (or at least good enough for Bogusky to approve it and let me go home), but somewhere down the line they lost it. Don’t know why, don’t know where, but of all the mediums, radio seems to suffer the most in production. In my experience, it takes an A+++ script to end up with an OK finished spot. And A+++ scripts just ain’t that easy to write.

T.W. Grand
Volunteer ad executive
Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Anacostia River Initiative
Washington, D.C.