Ad Industry Needs To Face ‘New Reality’

I got quite a kick out of Lee Gibson’s “Saying No” and Neilan Tyree’s “Man About Town” [A&C, July 22]. The fact that they ran back-to-back merely serves to highlight the current dysfunction in the advertising business.

Until we all understand that agencies are about providing value to clients via a true understanding of the complex issues they are facing today, and not around the next brilliant piece of “film,” the industry is going to continue to flounder. It’s not at all about “confidence” as Gibson said, but about understanding that the work today needs to address a new consumer mind-set and different business demands.

Let’s get our heads out of the sand. The issues that our clients are facing are very different than in the past; our solutions need to address this new reality. As my psychology professor once said, “One definition of insanity is doing the same thing, and expecting a different result.” It’s a new world, let’s come up with new solutions.

Jon Kramer


J. Brown/LMC Group

Stamford, Conn.

Bush: Not a Marketing Pro

While I agree with Wendy Melillo’s suggestion that the Adelphia arrests made for good TV [A&C, July 29], I disagree that they represent an effective use of marketing by the Bush administration.

In these days of sophisticated media consumption, many of the most effective marketing campaigns don’t look like marketing campaigns. And certainly few of them are as transparent as the administration’s attempts to get on the right side of this issue with its “target audience.”

Greg Thomas

Creative director

Brokaw, Inc.


Levy: ‘Pride’ or Prejudice?

In a news article [July 22], former Bozell creative director Rich Levy discussed his dismissal: “I had an inappropriate conversation with the client. I admitted my mistake to Bozell management. For that I was fired.”

Wake up, Levy. You weren’t fired for admitting your mistake, but for disloyalty and attempting to damage your employer’s business. Sadly, you still don’t sound like you get it. Pride goeth before the fall?

Margaret Wilesmith


Wilesmith Advertising/Design

West Palm Beach, Fla.