Bates: Honesty Beats ‘Flashy’ Agencies

I cannot say I found myself especially pleased in hearing the news of a private Bates document leaking out and gracing the cover of Adweek [July 1].

The accompanying online poll, which asked readers if they felt that our position was too honest, further drew attention to what originally was an internal Bates matter.

However, sometimes encouragement comes from unlikely sources. When the results were tallied, 78 percent of your respondents felt honesty was the best policy, and supported a truthful assessment of the challenges facing a new Bates North America CEO. I was very pleased that my peers in the industry agreed with our position. There is no reason for us to be coy, since clearly any new leader cannot afford to be coy either.

I feel the favorable response indicates that people understand Bates and what it stands for. While I may be new to the agency world, I am not new to a world of business where marketing is a key element in the bottom line. Bates has long been known as a no-nonsense, roll-up-your-sleeves agency, preaching and practicing a results-driven approach to advertising that drives client sales with unflinching force.

Bates clients not only outpace competitor growth, but also outpace their industries. Sales figures support this. Our team remains one of the strongest and most seasoned in the business, with a depth of know ledge and extreme focus on results that flashy agencies can’t touch.

I would like to think the show of support from your online poll demonstrates that, when it comes to honest, real sales results, this industry realizes that Bates is a hot property. When it comes to what really matters, we are still hard to beat.

David Hearn

Chairman and CEO


New York

For the record: In the credits for the Aflac spot by Kaplan Thaler Group in Best Spots of May [Creative, June 24], executive producer Lisa Bifulco’s name was misspelled, and agency producers Cherrie Devereaux and Mike LaGattuta were omitted. In “Why Cannes Matters” [Creative, July 1], Franz Prenner, CEO of the International Advertising Festival, was misidentified in a caption, and the photo of jury president Jeff Goodby was taken during a press conference at the Palais. And in “Peanut Gallery” [Creative, July 1], the 15 golds awarded refers to the film competition only.