Prague’s Subway: Riding a Fine Line?
I can’t be the only person in the world who was taken aback by the following sentence in the article on new TV spots for Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain bars [Creative Campaign, Aug. 6]:
“The spot was shot over two nights in Prague, and the agency commandeered a subway train to run between stops overnight to keep the realism afloat.”
Prague? I would love to know exactly how the creative team arrived at the idea that shooting in Prague was a necessity.
No wonder clients continually question how we spend their money.

Tim Orr
Orr Creative
Nashville, Tenn.

Getting the Fax Straight
I just wanted to thank you for shedding light on the unsolicited-fax problem in “Paper Chase” [Art & Commerce, Aug. 13]. We are a small office, but have been receiving several unsolicited faxes a week for quite a while. Many of the “opt-out” phone numbers on these faxes do not lead anywhere, holding us hostage to this huge waste of paper. I corresponded with the attorney general’s office here in Maine regarding the problem, and they pointed out that unsolicited faxes are prohibited by law in Maine. Unfortunately, we do not have the funds to mount a lawsuit against the companies that are violating this law, and can only hope that increased public scrutiny will eventually convince them to stop.

Steve Langerman
Steven Langerman Lists
Portland, Maine

I can’t tell you how loudly “Paper Chase” resonated in my ears. I operate a one-person sales office and probably spend more money on fax supplies to support the never-ending parade of junk faxes than I do for my own faxing needs. Thanks for voicing the complaints of many.

Dana Neilsen
Account Manager
TV Guide Media Sales

For the record: In a news story [Aug. 20], the name of Kate Shevack, vp of marketing for French’s food products, was misspelled.