Government Restrictions Go Too Far Policing Consumers

Congratulations to Debra Goldman for exposing the conspiracy behind the “Consumer Republic” [March 12].

In the past, the government has stepped in to save us from ourselves and our stupidity with helmet laws and seat belts, posted warnings and DWIs. The dangers incurred by overproduction and unjustified consumption of food warrants yet another excuse for government intervention when we fail to police ourselves.

Imagine, if you will, thanks to law enforcement, a reformed and svelte American public. Justice served with half the fat.

Kelly Smith
Sales representative
New York

Who’s Really on First? Co-opting Language Not New

I read with some amusement “Lexus Speaks Language of Love,” [Adweek Western, March 12].

First, I have a great deal of respect for Team One and consider them among the top tier of creative shops in America.

However, the folks at Lexus or Team One could not be so naive as to think their new commercial in French is the first foreign language spot for the general population. It’s dangerous to use the term “first.”

Their use of French as a way to tie into the “romance” and “passions” that Americans have with their automobiles is clever. But perhaps it’s not as strategic for a Japanese car as, say, [using] Spanish for a Mexican restaurant.

I had the pleasure of working on one such campaign for Don Pablo’s Mexican Kitchen (now part of Avado Brands) at Gleason Calise Associates in Dallas several years ago.

The strategy was to differentiate the brands as “authentic” Tex-Mex. The execution demonstrated that the best way to say “authentic” was in an authentic Mexican/Spanish voiceover. When released to general population TV stations, the first reaction was that we had sent the wrong tape. One station tried to refuse airing the spot because it was not a Spanish language station.

Though I’m proud of this work, I don’t believe for one minute that we might have been the first to execute this type of ad, either. It’s always hard to claim “a first.”

So here’s to all those players out there who do break new ground— even if they aren’t first.

Randy Weinert
Senior producer
Starz Encore Group
Denver, Colo.

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