An American Legacy: Anti-Tobacco Ads That Work

Ijust want to thank Adweek for choosing the American Legacy Foundation anti-tobacco spots as Best Campaign of 2000 [Best Spots, Feb. 5].

I am a health educator with a local tobacco-control project in Arizona. These spots run here, and when I am out teaching in the public schools, the students talk about them. The ads are having an impact; they are making kids think.

The commercials are outstanding examples of how to use advertising in its most creative and powerful way.

Lois Rosenfelt

Health educator Yavapai Tobacco-Free Partnership

Prescott Valley, Ariz.

Online Recruiting Will Never Replace Professional Services

I agree with Denise Goodwin Pace that online recruiting is “stimulating” and can generate loads of prospective candidates [Letters, Jan. 29]. Indeed, I don’t know any recruiters who do not avail themselves of this technology. It’s a great tool that helps us do our job.

Generating numbers, however, is only the first step in recruiting; in and of itself, it isn’t any more efficient than running an advertisement in Adweek (and given the lack of targeting, often much less so).

I can’t believe that online services will ever replace a good recruiter who takes a personal interest in you, your agency and the business (in my case, healthcare). I speak as an ex-agency principal when I say that the cost of using a professional recruiter pales in contrast to “staffing up” to search for, qualify, present and prepare candidates and clients for a mutually successful experience.

Why you would want to see “dozens of candidates from all over the world” when looking for one or two highly qualified individuals (who, hopefully, you don’t have to relocate) is beyond me. I suggest that agency resources are better spent focusing on developing enduring client relationships and producing great advertising.

Karen York

Principal consultant

The York Group

Los Angeles