Men At Work
Having read Debra Goldman’s column on gender bending in men’s magazines [The Consumer Republic, June 8], I would ask her a single question: Since when is it “girlish” to be introspective?
For the vast majority of recorded human history, the arts were the exclusive domain of men. One need only visit the Sistine Chapel, recite Byron, hear Caruso, read Kafka or gaze at Guernica to recognize that men, in fact, have inner lives. And damned rich ones at that. Ms. Goldman is either inordinately sheltered, blindly sexist or just plain unlucky if she hasn’t met a man with a soul. We know millions of them. They just happen to be our readers.
Renee Lewin
Associate publisher
Esquire, New York

Thanks, Debra
I ‘ve been reading Debra Goldman for months now and just thought I’d pass along my appreciation for the end-of-the-magazine page she produces weekly. It strikes me as witty, incisive, judgmental and thought-provoking.
David J. Wilson
Associate editor
The Maddux Report, St. Petersburg, Fla.

Swinging for the Fences
Regarding Mark Dolliver’s take on Mark McGwire’s assault on the home run record [Takes, June 8]: Will it really “flatten the contour of human history”? Oh puh-leeze! Mark, baseball is a spectator sport. If watching a baseball player like McGwire go after a long-standing record is a real joy to watch, so what? McGwire is such a class act (and not the jerk so many other professional athletes are), I hope he slaughters Roger Maris’ record of 61 home runs in a season. It will be wonderful for him and for us gluttonous fans. I dispute your assertion that the positive feelings we baseball fans get from an experience like this “makes life less interesting.”
Chris Maginn
San Francisco

For the Record
EvansGroup, an advertising and public-relations agency that has agreed to be acquired by Publicis, is based in Salt Lake City [Adweek, June 8] Combat’s “Quick Kill” campaign features a reference to the “Got Milk?” ads produced by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco, for the California Milk Processors Board and licensed to a national dairy group. That campaign was produced separately from the milk mustache campaign produced for the American Dairy Association [Adweek, June 8] In Best Spots [June 15], the production company for Cool from Nestea’s “Kwiki-Mart” commercial is UGround/bolexbrothers.

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