Parental Prerogative
I see you picked a Twix ad as one of your best of the year [Best Spots 1997, Feb. 2]. Because of the campaign’s theme, I have chosen to never purchase my family’s favorite candy bar again.
The “Two for me. None for you” tagline is catchy, but it teaches kids an attitude of selfishness, which I will not support. Mars lost my business with that one.
From now on, my family will spend our money on Kit Kats (at least they give me a break!).
Janet Brister
Electronic marketing coordinator
AAPG Communications
Tulsa, Okla.

On the Radio
Iresponse to your “Directors Tapped for Radio Ads” story [Adweek, Feb 23], I’d like to make two clarifications.
First: Michael Niles, vice president/creative development, is Radioland’s marketing/strategist/creative services guy and not my “creative partner,” as the article stated.
Second: While I appreciate Tom Cordner’s well-wishing and kind words, I was rather surprised at his choice of words (“gimmick”). If bringing a proven dialogue expert into a dialogue-dependent medium to make the copy better is a gimmick, then Jay Chiat bringing account planning to the U.S. and Dan Wieden bringing professional athletes to athletic-shoe advertising were also gimmicks. Heck, then Bill Bernbach pairing up copywriters and art directors was a gimmick.
Hal Riney once said, “The best insurance against creating mediocre advertising is hiring the best possible vendors.” Is there another medium that so desperately needs that kind of coverage?
Austin Howe
President, creative director
Portland, Ore.

Raising the Bar
Upon hearing the news of the split between Cliff Freeman & Partners and Little Caesars [Adweek, Feb. 23], I immediately ran to my broadcast production office, scarfed up all the Little Caesars spots I could find and held my own little memorial service.
The work was amazing. I wish Little Caesars’ new agency the very best. The creative bar has been set, and they’ll need a rocket to reach it.
Tom Jeffrey
The Weightman Group
Philadelphia, Pa.

For the Record
In the International Automotive Advertising Awards section [Adweek, Mar. 9], a photo should have listed Marty Orzio as a Lowe & Partners/SMS executive, not Alex Gellert.

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