Review This. Yupi.com Speaks The Language of the Internet
While I thought Hassan Fattah’s recent article “Livin’ e-Vida” was informative,
I was a bit surprised by his review of Yupi.com [Interactive Report, July 3].
Perhaps one of Yupi’s greatest strengths is its “original” online content, which is handpicked by
the company’s employees to cater specifically to the needs of Spanish-speaking Internet users around the world. These users are responsible for the 10.7 million monthly visits to Yupi.com, resulting in more than 442 million page views in the first quarter of 2000 alone.
As a pioneer in the Spanish-speaking Internet arena, Yupi takes great pride in its “end-user focus.” Its unique community features are key drivers to the company’s success in reaching and retaining audiences. Ciudad Futura (Future City), one of Yupi’s most important properties, is the first and perhaps most comprehensive virtual community serving the Spanish-speaking world–and not a healthcare site, as indicated by Mr. Fattah.
The company has also recently launched amarillas.com, Yupi’s B2B gateway–the first bilingual Internet B2B portal facilitating trade to, from and within the Americas and Spain. In addition to those mentioned within the piece, some of Yupi’s other offerings include Yupi TV; “Las Alas del Amor,” an online soap opera; Claqueta.com, which offers Ibero-American movie coverage and reviews; MiCasaYupi, a Web site creation and hosting tool; among others.
While the search engine is a key feature of Yupi.com, it’s only one component of what the site offers. We invite your readers to explore the site to decide for themselves.
Nerea Alvarez
VP of corporate communications
Yupi Internet
Miami Beach, Fla.
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