Lincoln’s National Advertising To Break Later This Summer
Your news story titled “Lincoln Breaks Work” [Adweek Western Edition, May 29]
misrepresents Lincoln’s advertising and marketing initiatives.
Lincoln is aggressively working to own the American luxury domain among automakers, which we
plan to do through a number of initiatives, including marketing.
As we gear up for the U.S. Open this summer, consumers (and those in the marketing world)
will see how Lincoln delivers American luxury in everything it touches.
The advertising mentioned in the article is not a national campaign–it’s local product developed for our Lincoln Mercury Dealer Associations. Still, your story implies that we “broke” national advertising.
We ask that you make it clear we are currently developing a campaign (“Lincoln. American Luxury”), which will break nationally this summer.
Jim Rogers
General marketing manager
Lincoln Mercury
Dearborn, Mich.

David Murphy
Young & Rubicam
Irving, Calif.

Seducing the Boys’ Club:
A Tongue-in-Cheek View Nina DiSesa’s column [Art & Commerce, June 5] was hilarious–a masterful parody of Seventeen magazine.
Advising women on how to “manage the men in your professional life,” DiSesa tells us to “curb emotional behavior” and “never criticize them in public.” I laughed out loud.
Then there’s the wickedly humorous statement: “Men are relatively easy to control. You just have to be nice to them.”
Funny, funny column. And what a brilliant premise for a book! I’m going to purchase copies for all my girlfriends so we can laugh together over these little “tricks” we learned in junior high school. I’m looking forward to the chapter devoted to “Just put on your best smile, girls, and watch the boys instantly melt.”
Elizabeth Smith
Freelance copywriter, Atlanta

The Pets.com Sock Puppet
Is the Pick of the Litter
Just want to say you do a good job choosing Best Spots–especially the Pets.com ad [June 12]. I crack up every time I see the sock puppet.
Anthony G. Lankford
Account executive
Philly TV News, Philadelphia