All Hail Britannia?

Not This Letter Writer

Let me see if I get this straight. The British live on a tiny island with lousy weather … so they travel a lot [Creative Portfolio, July 24]. Ergo, the rest of us will readily acknowledge that Brits know how to travel well?

Are you kidding me?

There’s little evidence the Brits know anything about even rudimentary comfort. On an island known for frequent rain and rising damp, they actually created the open double-decker bus! What were they thinking?

As any American traveler will tell you, they’ve only recently discovered central heating. What in God’s name took them so long? Even their plumbing dates back to the Dark Ages—literally.

Of course, when it comes to food, I’ll admit the British are in a class by themselves. Boiled beef, steak-and-kidney pie, bangers and mash and my all-time favorite, haggis, take the cake, so to speak. Not to mention their recent unfortunate troubles with mad-cow disease.

Anyway, the British Airways campaign is a scream.

Rob Earl


Mezzina Brown & Partners

New York

More Dead-Duck Sightings On the Other Side of the Pond

Regarding the two similar duck-feeding spots [Creative Briefs, Aug 14], the agencies involved might be interested in a spot that ran overseas a few years back and made a lot of the award shows. A duck is fed “heavy bread” and, get this, sinks like a stone to bottom of the pond.

As Jac Coverdale would say, it’s fortunate they ran in different markets.

Peter Levathes

Senior creative director


New York

The marchFIRST Campaign: Who Are Those Guys?

In the middle of Barbara Lippert’s paean to marchFIRST [Critique, July 31] was this: “… you haven’t got a clue what the company does …”

I haven’t got a clue why this is good advertising.

Richard J. Ferguson


Ferguson Advertising

Fort Wayne, Ind.

For the Record: In the Aug. 21 issue, an item reported on Aegis Group plc., but the logo illustrating the story was that of Aegis Communications Group Inc., a Dallas-based company.