Memo to Priceline: Mr. Sulu Takes Requests

Let me get this straight. You honestly believe that 30 seconds of William Shatner contorting his face as if suffering from irritable bowel syndrome qualifies as a Best Spot of December [Best Spots, Jan. 15]? Where is the concept?

If this unimaginative paste job represents the acme of creativity, then God (or at least Lee Clow) help us all.

Then again, maybe it’s just me. The appeal of these Priceline commercials has always been lost on me. Not only is it essentially a one-joke campaign, the joke isn’t even original. Shatner did the same exact shtick several years ago at the MTV Movie Awards.

Having George Takei sing “Freebird,” now that would have been daring. Walter Koenig, even.

Steve Landsman

Freelance art director

Raleigh, N.C.

Ode to a Street Poet: James De La Vega

Ihad to comment on Neilan Tyree’s article about James De La Vega [Art & Commerce, Jan. 29]—inarguably one of New York’s new (to me, anyway) “great thinkers.”

I was walking down Broadway at about 6 a.m. a year ago; De La Vega just “appeared” out of nowhere and began chalking a corner of sidewalk at 77th Street. He was extremely focused and very fast. I stood in a doorway smoking a cigarette and waited for him to finish (about two puffs is all it took).

He disappeared as quickly as he had appeared. I walked over to the quote, which I can still remember and visualize: “Why is it that my girlfriend feels so ugly when she reads magazines that are all about beauty?”

His quotes are well worth the price of the shoe leather one wears through to get to them.

David Lohmeier

Director of national broadcast clearance and traffic

DDB Worldwide

New York

For the Record: In the story on Fathom, DDB’s new brand consultancy unit [Adweek, Jan. 29], the former titles of shop principals Peter Groome and Tres McCullough should have read account director and account supervisor, respectively, on ExxonMobil while at DDB.