These Lads Are All Right, Especially That Becks Chap

Manchester United bad boy? Among the more reviled people in the U.K.? His reckless behavior doomed England in the last World Cup?

Bloody hell, whoever wrote this claptrap [Shoptalk, Sept. 25].

The fact that I am taking time out of my day, normally devoted to producing only the world’s best advertising, just to correct you on David Beckham has me quite pissed off. On top of that, this Adweek issue date is also the 20th anniversary of the death of John Bonham, greatest drummer in rock ‘n’ roll ever. And if you want to go toe-to-toe with me about Beckham, beware the day you cross me about Led Zeppelin.

OK. I’ve been a loyal Man United fan since the ’60s and the heady days of Charlton, Law and Best, but sod off you wanker—Becks’ “behavior” at the last Cup was an understandable but naive and sorry retaliation to a typical Argentine blind-side, dirty attack. One foul, and he was sent off—that was it.

His behavior during other matches was fucking brilliant and his behavior off the pitch was model as well. He’s nixed his face being on bags of Walkers Crisps because he’s not a typical Dennis Rodman idiot who sees his life as a parade of media shit.

Can you accept that?

Although there are people in the U.K. who hate him, partly because they can’t forget his one foul, he continues to make mincemeat out of the rest of the premiership’s English teams with his deadly crosses and heavenly set pieces, curls, dips, swerves and rockets. Also, some English hooligans hate him ’cause he’s a Cockney bloke who always supported Man United from a lad—even turning up for a Tottenham tryout in Man United kit.

All right already. Just get your facts straight or I’ll send Roy Keane and Jaap Stam over to pound you after another glorious MU match.

Becks is a loyal, passionate young man who loves his wife and baby boy. He also enjoys very passionate supporters. In fact, let’s go 50/50 on a ball together sometime, say, at the the edge of the box and I’ll leave you wondering how the ball got in the back of the net before you even turned ’round.

Paul MacFarlane


MacFarlane Cohn Advertising

St. Louis

For the Record: Stephane Dumonceau was the editor of the NFL on FOX’s “Jock-a-Pult” ad [Best Spots, Sept. 25].