After DaimlerChrysler, Will History Repeat Itself?

Alison Fahey’s editorial “True Snit,” summarizing True North’s reaction to the controversial Chrysler consolidation, gave me “déjà vu all over again” [Art & Commerce, Nov. 27].

In 1979, Chrysler chairman Lee Iacocca called Young & Rubicam chairman Ed Ney (on Ney’s birthday!) to inform him that Y&R’s largest client was moving to Kenyon & Eckhardt—which was later acquired by Bozell & Jacobs, which in turn was acquired by FCB.

Just 90 days later, following relentless pursuit, Y&R was awarded the even larger Lincoln-Mercury business by Ford Motor Co. So my simple message to [True North’s] David Bell and Brendan Ryan is: Don’t despair, don’t disparage. Buckle up your automobile credentials and in no time, you’ll be looking at Chrysler in your rear-view mirror. And let Omnicom deal with the cost-cutting blitzkrieg of executives being sent from Stuttgart.

Mitch Kurz


Kurz & Friends

Norwalk, Conn.

Never on Sunday? La Opinion Publishes Seven Days a Week

I am always grateful when the trade press covers the Latino/Hispanic marketing and advertising industries. However, it’s always disheartening to read inaccurate and potentially damaging information about companies that operate in the Latino/Hispanic sector.

Your “Multicultural Media Report” [Nov. 13] on the top 10 Hispanic markets is a case in point. In your discussion of media in the No. 1 market, Los Angeles, you state that the “city’s only Spanish-language daily, La Opinion, has a circulation of 103,000 Monday through Saturday. It does not publish on Sundays.”

What? That’s like saying The New York Times does not publish on Sundays! In fact, La Opinion’s daily circulation is now up to 117,558, and it has been publishing on Sundays since 1926!

You should also know that many Hispanic advertising agencies tend to be broadcast-biased and anti-print because of their condescending attitude toward Latinos (i.e. “Latinos don’t read”).

If we expect advertisers to make sound media buying decisions, trusted publications such as yours need to do their homework.

Manny Gonzalez


E-Latin Business Group

Culver City, Calif.