Not Worthy of Nike
As an agency owner, I always look forward to each new generation of Nike advertising. Like the work or not, Nike’s agencies (in particular, Wieden & Kennedy) seem to always raise the bar for the rest of us. But I noticed with great dismay your decision to include Nike’s recent “Quarantine” ad in Best Spots [April 12].
Ignore for a moment that I’m an enormous college basketball fan yet couldn’t understand the message of any spot in the campaign. That is merely one person’s opinion-or evidence of my ignorance. But I want to pass along my experience in Atlanta’s Hartsfield airport while waiting for a flight.
CNN Airport was showing the “Quarantine” ad, in which scientists, wearing biological protection suits, pile Nike shoes and gear into an enormous assembly, then incinerate them. Sitting directly across from me was an 8-year-old boy who was tugging at his father, directing his attention to the spot. The child-in a half cry-said, “Daddy, they’re burning all the Nikes. What’s wrong with them? Do they need to burn my shoes?”
Forget my opinion. Consider the child’s. The “March Madness” campaign was certainly not Nike-worthy and deserved no place in Best Spots.
Does anyone do research anymore?
Jay Miller
President, CEO
TargetCom, Chicago

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