Let There Be ‘Brilliant’ Light

NEW YORK Leo Burnett focuses on the lighter side of Nintendo’s new Gameboy Advance SP in three print ads and three TV spots, which begin breaking on Wednesday.

The portable gaming system’s illuminated flip-up screen is the focus of the new campaign, tagged “Brilliant.”

In one 15-second TV spot (which is supported by a print version), ethereal moths in a forest are drawn toward a glowing light, which turns out to be emanating from the Gameboy. In a print ad, yellow tulips bend toward the light from the Gameboy’s screen.

“It’s a very simple idea, which to my mind is the best,” said Jonathan Hoffman, executive creative director at the Chicago shop. “Light attracts.”

The tagline plays off that theme. “It feels very grown up and elegant and simple, and still really fun,” Hoffman said.

The moth spot, directed by Dante Ariola of MJZ in Los Angeles, was shot in a California forest. Live moths “on microscopic leashes,” were used, Hoffman said, and then multiplied digitally during post-production.

The work targets older teens than previous Nintendo ads. “We pretty much know that kids will migrate to the product,” Hoffman said. “So we don’t lose them by calibrating the message older. What you do get is an incremental audience from a place where you might not have normally had it.”

Campaign production credits go to creative directors Dominick Maiolo and Bill Stone, copywriter Matt Horton, and art directors Dustin Smith and Mike Andrews.

Nintendo spent about $20 million on measured media for its Gameboy Advance system during the first 11 months of 2002, according to CMR.