let them eat cake

A new campaign by marchFirst for CNNSI.com was a piece of cake. Literally.

The agency’s Portland, Ore., and San Francisco offices launched a national print effort for the Web site—a venture of CNN and Sports Illustrated—that features a cake decorated with the word “Loser.”

The campaign is meant to lure football fans away from ESPN.com and other sports-focused sites by promoting CNNSI’s fantasy football league.

“We felt like we needed to acknowledge the extreme competition that the fantasy football games generate,” said copywriter Carl Vander Zanden. “The guys who get involved in these games … do a lot of trash talking.”

The work attempts to get inside the mind of the obsessed football fan and suggests CNNSI delivers in-depth pro football coverage, analy sis by Sports Illustrated football experts and up-to-the-minute scores.

The print ads, which launched in late September and will run through January, have so far appeared in The New York Times, USA Today and Sports Illustrated, among other titles.