A Lesson In Anti-Smoking

With teenage smoking on the rise despite millions of dollars in television ads, new techniques are being applied to help reverse the trend.
One such approach, targeting Massachusetts middle-school students, seeks to deglamorize smoking as portrayed by some of Hollywood’s current crop of leading men: Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting, Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic and Will Smith in Men in Black.
Working with Boston-based Arnold Communications, which handles the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Tobacco Control Program, CF Video in Watertown, Mass., developed the “Smoke Screeners” package.
It includes posters, a 15-minute video and a list of talking points for teachers.
The goal is to bring all the elements–print, video and a Web site now in development–together on a project that crosses the bridge between marketing and education while telling kids about the subtle ways in which tobacco makers deliver their smoking messages.
The package is being distributed to public schools, youth centers and video stores throughout the Bay State, said Arnold account executive Christine Kirby.
–Judy Warner