What do real men want? A Web portal that claims to know was launched over the weekend with floats in cities hosting the Sweet 16 regional games in the NCAA men’s basketball championships.
The portal, 4RealMen, Westborough, Mass., recently handed its public relations account to Morrissey & Co. in Boston.
Truck-hauled floats sporting the requisite accoutrements of any man’s life–recliner, giant TV screen and, of course, the ubiquitous remote control device–were scheduled to parade through the streets of Austin, Texas, Albuquerque, N.M., Detroit and other cities–generating publicity and traffic to the ad-supported site.
Current features include “The HoneyMinder” (advance warning on important dates and gift registry); The Duct Tape Chronicles (do it yourself home repairs) and The Dog House (man-to-man solutions for resolving disputes at work and at home.)
The 46-year-old founder, Pat Carberry, drew on his own experiences to develop the site, and likens its appeal to males more like Ray Romano than Leonardo DiCaprio.
–Judy Warner