Leslie Lands S.C. Golf Enclaves

The Leslie Agency has added two golfing communities to its client roster.

Berkeley Hall Plantation, a residential development near Hilton Head Island, S.C., and the University Club by Melrose, a developer of golfing facilities targeting college alumni groups, named Leslie lead agency last week.

The Greenville, S.C., shop acquired the estimated $4 million in new business without a review.

“We’re constantly focusing on hospitality, travel and tourism,” said Carlos Jimenez, Leslie’s chief executive officer. “Golfing is the fourth leg of the stool.”

Leslie account supervisors Jennifer Famiglietti and Gary Cherrett played key roles in delivering the business, as did director of client services Scott Ziegler and group creative director Jim Farmer.

Jimenez said his agency’s successful marketing of golf-oriented resorts such as Reynolds Plantation outside At-lanta and Hilton Head’s Melrose Plantation, Bloody Point and Indigo Run communities was instrumental in landing the assignments. Leslie also handles South Carolina’s $5-8 million tourism account.

“Salespeople move around a lot in this industry,” said Jimenez. “They know the solid work we’ve done for other clients that don’t exactly compete, and they hope we’ll grease the wheels for their success.”

Leslie will initiate a print and direct mail campaign in February in travel magazines and newspapers such as USA Today and The Wall Street Journal. Print ads will also appear in papers in the Northeast and Midwest on a seasonal basis.

“Our stuff will hit hard and heavy during the snow season,” Jimenez said. “We’ll romanticize these places, put brochures in people’s hands, get them to come visit.”

Berkeley Hall Plantation is an upscale community built around two “core” golf courses, i.e, facilities unobstructed by homes, roads or other structures. The greens were designed by noted golf course architect Tom Fazio.

The University Club, headquartered in Melrose, S.C., develops golf communities and country clubs that cater to the vacation, residential and retirement needs of college supporters, administrators and faculty. Golf courses on the properties are available as university practice and tournament venues.

“The upside of these new high-end communities,” said Jimenez, “is that they continue to grow and build out for years. If you do a good job, you can grow with the account.”