Leopold Ketel to Launch Kombucha Wonder Drink

Leopold Ketel & Partners has been chosen to introduce a new fermented tea beverage based on a formulation the client says has been around “for thousands of years.”

Kombucha Wonder Drink in Portland, Ore., selected the local agency to launch its product after a review of undisclosed shops. A budget was not disclosed.

Although LK&P itself has no beverage experience, agency president John Russell said he spent two years directing Coke accounts at Wieden + Kennedy in Portland. “That experience had a bit to do with us being selected,” said Russell, who will oversee the account.

Russell said the win will help the shop expand. “This means a lot to our agency,” he said. “It validates our capabilities to build brands. They are a new brand, and they need to learn to position themselves and promote themselves nationally.”

Introduced six months ago in select West Coast restaurants and grocers, Kombucha Wonder Drink is being positioned as a healthy alternative to other beverages. The drink is formulated with carbon ated tea cider and has little sugar or caffeine. According to the com pany’s Web site, it is “a wondrous healthful product.”

A campaign from LK&P is due to break before September.

LK&P’s account manager for Kombucha, Amy Spreadborough, said the drink is likely to standout because “it has a flavor that is pretty unusual compared to other [tea drinks] on the market. It reminds me of cider with a pungent, earthy, complex favor.”

“People who would buy and drink it are predominantly water drinkers and those who drink cold teas and other teas—the everyday people who want to be health-conscious,” Russell said.

The product’s 8.5-ounce containers resemble old-time milk bottles with bottle caps. The drink is available for about $1.99 a bottle or in a 12-pack. It comes in three flavors: Orient Blend, Asian Pear Ginger and Himalayan.