Leo Burnett Touts Beef

CHICAGO–The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association returns to the familiar territory of taste and enjoyment in the latest round of advertising from Leo Burnett here.

TV spots, set to break on Jan. 13, use humor to reassert beef as an enjoyable meal. In one spot, a man stands over a grill. When he checks one of his steaks, the soundtrack cues up Aaron Copland’s familiar “Rodeo” theme. But as the man admonishes, “Not yet,” it is revealed that the music is coming from a full orchestra in his backyard. Actor Sam Elliott continues to deliver the tagline, “Beef. It’s what’s for dinner.”

The campaign is the first new work for the NCBA in two years. A previous effort from Burnett aimed at women, touting the health benefits of beef. Spending for the new campaign was not immediately known.